Lastolite Fluorescent Cubelite Kit 90cm (36in) - 3662

Lastolite Fluorescent Cubelite Kit 90cm (36in) - 3662
Lastolite Fluorescent Cubelite Kit 90cm (36in) - 3662Lastolite Fluorescent Cubelite Kit 90cm (36in) - 3662

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Includes 5600k Light and reflector, for large digital product shots

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You can now choose from a multitude of product solutions when you want perfect lighting for website photography. However when the products that need photographing exceed the base table widths, usually 12-16 inches, you'll find the options are not so numerous.

The Cubelite from Lastolite has traditionally filled this void as the outer translucent material that provides the diffused lighting has been made in sizes of 24, 36 or even 48 inch cubes. This allows for even the largest of products (usually) to be photographed on a table top.

Previously, Cubelites have been principally used with tungsten lighting. Although still available, Lastolite has now also produced an alternative daylight balanced (5600k) lighting kit. This makes it more suitable for digital camera work and more pleasant to use as the light source is cooler. The fluorescents are the same specification as the current RayD8 5600 head with a new reflector/extension tube combination.

This 3 foot kit comes with white Cubelite (and its blue trim), 240 volt fluorescent light, 75 watt daylight balanced fluorescent bulb, telescopic light stand, adjustable silver/white reflector and white vinyl background sheet.
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