Lastolite Ezybox Hot shoe Kit, 38cm x 38cm - 2470

Lastolite Ezybox Hot shoe Kit, 38cm x 38cm - 2470
Lastolite Ezybox Hot shoe Kit, 38cm x 38cm - 2470Lastolite Ezybox Hot shoe Kit, 38cm x 38cm - 2470

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Stand, tilthead, handle and Ezybox

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Kit includes:

* Ezybox Hotshoe (with plate) 38 x 38 cm,
* 4 section stand,
* tilthead bracket (2401),
* extending handle (2400),
* padded shoulder bag and circular carry case.

The new Ezybox Hotshoe converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light. Available in two sizes - 38cm x 38cm and 60cm x 60cm, the Ezybox Hotshoe folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. There are also a number of accessories available including an extending handle, a tilthead bracket and a powerful clamp with brass spigot.


* Softbox for Hotshoe flash
* Adjustable bracket for different sized flash guns
* Operates as a Coldshoe
* Folds flat
* Assembled in a few minutes
* Ideal for location use

Lastolite have now announced two new Ezybox Hotshoe Kits. Further enhancing the ever popular Ezybox Hotshoe range, they are available in two sizes featuring the original 38cm x 38cm Ezybox or the latest 60cm x 60cm version, offering an all in one portable solution for photographers who want to soften their light on the move.

Both kits include the same 4 section stand and tilthead bracket as their Umbrella kits plus extending handle. On this occasion you get two cases - a padded shoulder bag and circular carry case for the Ezybox.

The Ezybox is up and working in less than a minute and has very low light loss (only half a stop). It is fully colour balanced.

Please Note:

Ezybox Hotshoe softboxes must NOT be used with any kind of Studio flash under any circumstances.

Although the Studio light spinning (2351 etc) will actually fit the opening in the back on the Ezybox Hotshoe, they MUST NOT be used this way as there is a serious risk of fire.

Studio lights should only be used with the original Ezybox, Ezybox Studio (both were supplied with the large aluminium adaptor) and the new Ezybox II range of softboxes.
Manufacturer’s Description
The new EzyBox Hotshoe kit offers an all in one portable solution for photographers. The kits are available in three sizes featuring the 38cm x 38cm (15 in x 15 in), 54cm x 54cm (21 in x 21 in) and the NEW 76cm x 76cm (30 in x 30 in) EzyBox Hotshoe. The kit includes the EzyBox Hotshoe (with plate), 4 section stand, tilthead bracket, extending handle (24cm - 48cm), padded shoulder bag and circular carry case..
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