Kentmere 100 Black and White Film, ISO 100, 135-24

Kentmere 100 Black and White Film, ISO 100, 135-24

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Incredible value, made by Ilford

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Two new Kentmere films break new ground and offer incredible value

One of the most interesting news releases this year has just come from Kentmere confirming the launch of two brand new films. Unlike LegacyPro which was re-badged Fuji or ProFilm which is re-badged Kodak film, Kentmere Kentmere is brand new film coated to a formula that all modern photographers will appreciate.

Made by Ilford in ISO 100 or ISO 400, the new emulsion is coated onto an acetate layer (rather than polyester) giving two fantastic-quality general purpose panchromatic films that are (in our view) every bit as good as comparable Ilford, Fuji, Foma or Kodak mainstays.

The interesting bit though is that this excellent quality film is being sold at incredibly low budget-cutting prices. Never before have we offered such high-quality film at such low prices.

The ISO 100 version is a traditional medium speed black and white film. It's a good choice for a variety of photographic and scientific applications including portrait, nature, architectural and product photography. The ISO 400 version is similar but preferred in low light conditions.
Manufacturer's description
* Mid speed, ISO 100
* Fine grain and good sharpness
* Broad tonal range with good contrast.
* Broad exposure latitude.
* 35mm cassettes and bulk length

Kentmere 100 ASA is a medium speed black and white camera film which is suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications of photography where good lighting exists.
It has the capability to generate high quality images with fine grain and good sharpness, and is a good choice of film if enlargement prints are desired.
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Product Features
35mm film ISO 100
  • Film size: 35mm film
  • Film Speed: ISO 100
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