Innova Olmec Lightweight, Lustre, A4, Pack of 100

Innova  Olmec Lightweight, Lustre, A4, Pack of 100

Item: 89112

190gsm, Lustre/Satin

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Used by professionals and consumers wanting to produce the best possible hardcopy digital prints, Olmec always has been for those photographers who are serious about exploiting the amazing advances in digital photography and inkjet printing.

We sell large quantities of their 260gsm heavyweight inkjet paper. However, customers have asked for a cheaper option and we're pleased to inform you that you can get exactly the same emulsion and 15% cheaper with their new 190gsm weight paper.

It's ideal for proofing, PowerPoint pages and other portfolio work.

Manufacturer's description
This Bright White Photo RC inkjet paper provides excellent image quality, on its smooth lustre surface.

This lightweight paper is ideal for soft proofing, the resin coating provides anti curl properties and the light stippling in the lustre coating gives a softer touch to all images printed.

Directions for Use:
Paper Handling:
* Avoid touching the coated surface of the paper before and after printing,
and wear cotton gloves if necessary.
* Avoid exposure to high temperatures, high levels of humidity and moisture.These factors can affect the drying time of some Olmec products.

Paper Storage:
* Remove prints from the tray after printing; do not allow them to be stacked.
* Prints should be allowed to dry in air, preferably left uncovered for 24 hours to allow the residual liquid from the inks to evaporate.
* In cases where stacking is unavoidable, a paper interleaf should be placed between each print.

Conditions of Use:
* Where possible, all paper should be stored and used within the following range of environmental conditions:
Temperature = 10- 35 degrees Centigrade
Relative Humidity = 30% - 80%
* Unused paper should be stored in its original packaging, out of direct sunlight under normal climatic conditions.
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