Fujifilm Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Processing Kit, 5 litres

Fujifilm Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Processing Kit, 5 litres
Fujifilm Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Processing Kit, 5 litresFujifilm Hunt Chrome 6X E6 Processing Kit, 5 litres

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7 baths, liquid, develops approximately 40 35mm films

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Fuji’s Chrome 6X gives superior processing results as it offers the conventional seven-bath chemical process where formaldehyde is substituted in the Pre-Bleach.

You can use it for processing all types of colour slide films that are compatible with the E-6 process, and it is formulated to produce optimum quality in all types of mini-lab film processors or home use.

The kit is a perfect match for processing your slide films at the best quality possible whether in tank processing for sheet films or reels for 35mm and 120 films

The kit contains the following chemicals to make 5 litres of each solution:

Chrome 6X First Developer

Chrome 6X Reversal Bath 2

Chrome 6X Colour Developer Part A

Chrome 6X Colour Developer Part B

Chrome 6X Pre-Bleach 2

Chrome 6X Bleach

Chrome 6X Fix + Final Rinse

The chemical process consists of seven baths where formaldehyde is substituted in the Pre-Bleach. This 5-litre kit is enough to process between 30 and 40 rolls of 35mm or 120 films.

The first developer, reversal bath 2, pre-bleach 2 and colour developers have a shelf life of 6 weeks once open and unused. Other components have a shelf life of six months once open and unused. If you can prevent oxidisation of the chemicals their shelf life will greatly improve.

Manufacturer’s Description


* Always mix the solutions with water at 30-40?C.
* Ideally only mix the volume recommended by the processor manufacturer. If splitting the concentrate solutions, be very careful to split them accurately following the mixing instructions found below.
* If you intend to use the kits over a long period of time, it is recommended that you split the concentrates into several smaller bottles to avoid air oxidation due to partially empty bottles. If you are splitting the larger 20L Pro6 chemistry packs to use over an extended period of time, storage of unused concentrates (once first opened) in full, smaller bottles is an essential factor in achieving a consistent, high quality E6 process.


As the solution is gradually exhausted during each developing sequence, the processing times will have to be slightly increased to compensate.

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