Firstcall Softpack C-41 PreDiluted Kit, 3x 500ml

Firstcall Softpack C-41 PreDiluted Kit, 3x 500ml
Firstcall Softpack C-41 PreDiluted Kit, 3x 500mlFirstcall Softpack C-41 PreDiluted Kit, 3x 500ml

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3 air-tight reuseable packs of 500ml dev, bleach & fix for up to 14 films


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C41 Softpack is a unique concept in colour negative film processing.

Each one of the three parts of the kit - developer, bleach and fix are pre-diluted in 500ml packs which are ready for immediate use and come in a unique air-tight pack. By buying this way, you lengthen the life of the chemical, which means that you can re-use them on multiple occasions.

You can develop up to 14 films, but if you choose only to develop 2, you can pour the chemical back into the air-tight softpack using a small funnel to allow it to regenerate so it can be used again at a later date.

Processing can take place at any temperature between 20 and 45 degrees C, making this the most versatile (and cheapest) film processing kit ever. Individual replacement parts are also available when needed.

Click on this link for a friendly review on this kit from Simon Hawketts.

Manufacturer’s Description

Digibase C41 Developer
Digibase C41 Bleach
Digibase C41 Fix

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