Firstcall Green Screen Wizard Photo Software Kit

Firstcall Green Screen Wizard Photo Software Kit
Firstcall Green Screen Wizard Photo Software KitFirstcall Green Screen Wizard Photo Software Kit

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Includes 5x7 feet background - Chromakey Photography the easy way

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Have you ever seen an image taken in front of a blue or green background - and a computer instantly removed the solid background colour and replaced it with a photographic background image? This 'Chroma key' technique of mixing together two images (or movie frames) is widely used in television (i.e. weather forecasts) and the movie industry.

Certainly, Photoshop and other image editing software lets you accomplish the task of cutting someone out and replacing the background. The trouble is that it will take a very long time to do so - as most people have hair - and cutting out hair is extremely tedious. In fact, it is likely to test your software knowledge, problem solving skills and patience to the limit!

Considering that realistic digital cut-outs are so difficult to achieve, Green Screen Wizard is a truly amazing bit of software. You will not believe the ease of this software until you have actually seen the programme at work - you watch the green background behind your subject disappear with the speed of reading a scan preview into your computer - it is literally only a couple of seconds.

Then you can simply replace the background image with either a photo that you have taken yourself - or one of the background images that come with the software. Green Screen Wizard comes with 6 Background Collections and Magazine Covers. It is extremely user friendly with a simple graphical user interface and numerous options to adjust the foreground or background image, including scale, flip, rotate, position, combine or even lighting effects to match the two images better.

In short, Green Screen Wizard makes ChromaKey Effects photography easy. The standalone software runs on PC and Mac.

Highly recommended *****
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