Firstcall e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Tripod Base

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Firstcall e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Tripod Base
Firstcall e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Tripod BaseFirstcall e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Tripod Base

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Seamless super wide-angle, 360 panoramas and group photos


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Last three in stock, all Canon fit, reduced by £250 to clear. Don't miss this incredible deal if you're seriously interested in panoramic photography using your SLR!

Would you like to take pictures like this with your SLR - using your 'standard' lens?

With our new Panoramic tripod base you can PLUS

360 degree Spherical pictures with 180 degree longitude setting
Full 3D product shots for website design

If you use your DSLR camera only for normal photos you are under-utilizing the excellent results you could achieve. At Firstcall our Company Motto espouses 'The Magic Of Photography' and this is exactly what this revolutionary achieves.

It offers seamless super wide-angle, 360 panoramas, group photos of thousands of people, spherical photography and 3D rotational display perfectly every time - all you have to do is press the button.

We are importing the new e-filming PS-30B 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base which has been bought for electronic-map production, car-compartment presentation, real-estate demonstration, wedding parties and social photography uses. We love it for landscape and architectural hobby use too.

The 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base simply screws onto any tripod and then connects to your DSLR via the cable release socket (all leads are supplied for most cameras on the market). The unit is powered by four AA batteries so is fully portable and a vertical or horizontal bracket is included for mounting preference of your camera. You then select the shots required, time and speed of intervals, press the button and the base rotates automatically taking the required pictures on your camera - you even have a remote control included if needed. It returns to start point automatically after the programming is finished.

When you've finished you simply import the pictures into Coolstitch or 3D Maker software which comes free with the unit and some of the coolest, instantly printable photography you've ever shot appears magically on your monitor.

Choose a connecting cable for your camera:

Nikon F6, F5, F90, F90x, F100,
D1/D1H/D1X, D2/D2H/D2X, D3/D3X/D100/D200/D300/D700,
Kodak DSC-14N,
Fujifilm S3Pro/S5Pro

Nikon D70S/D80/D60

Nikon D90/D5000

Canon EOS 30/33/30/50/300/300D/350D/400d/450D/100D/500D/1/1000D
1000D/30V/300V/50E/500/500N, CONTAX N, CONTAX 645, PENTAX ISISTD/

EOS-1D Mark II/EOS-1D Mark III/EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS 1V
and CANON RS-80N3

Sony A1OO AND RM-S1AM, A200/A300/A350/A500/A550/A700/A850/
A900, DYANX 5D/7D, MAXXUM 5D/7D, DIMAGE A1/A2/5/7/I/7HI
and RC-1000L

Manufacturer's description

360 Digital Drive Panorama Base

Panoramic World Boundless Creation Superior Reality

* Support hundreds of DSLR cameras
* Flexible-angle, multi-pieces pre-setting
* Professional signal transmission
* All directions adjustable
* Back to zero point automatically

Introduction of 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base

Uses in photographing: The super wide and 360 panoramic image; the group photos of thousands of people; the all direction spherical image; 3D rotation demonstration etc.

Application: Picture presentation; webpage production; electronic-map production, real-estate presentation; car-compartment demonstration; big events and wedding parties recording etc.

Performance: Precise setting, fully automatic photography. Many models offered to suit your individual preference; A variety of accessories and extensions for your special needs. It supports hundreds of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

DSLR cameras has revolutionized photography. More than just taking normal still photos, there are worlds of possibilities to get excellent photograph presentations. Some photographers may not be able to fully utilize their DSLR cameras without the extra equipment.

It was difficult to achieve a seamless super wide-angle, 360 panoramic, group photos of thousands of people, spherical photography, and 3D rotational display. Today, e-filming can help you to create all these amazing effects. As the specialist of panorama, e-filming offers 2 professional 360 digital panorama cameras - HC27 and NC91. Now, e-filming is launching 3 new 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base PB-10A / PS-30B / PS-50B for all DSLR camera enthusiasts around the world.

With the e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base, you can create and enjoy those boundless photography satisfactions. These panoramic imaging is now widely applied to electronic-maps production, car-compartment presentation, real-estate demonstrate, major events and wedding parties recording etc.

e-filming 360 Digital Drive Panorama Base is ideal for commercial panoramic photography applications, too. It will elevate professional presentations and the photography industry.


Vertical Resolution:
Depends on DSLR camera chosen

Horizontal Resolution
Depends on degree of panorama

Pixel Size
Depends on DSLR camera chosen

Shoot Angle
0~360º adjustable

Moving stand of base
All directions adjustable

146*92*92.5 mm


Support DSLR camera
Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Kodak, Fujifilm, Contax, Minolta

Power Supply
AA battery × 4

PC/ABS, Al-alloy

DC Interface

Remote Controller

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