Fileder Water Filter PTL Spectrum Reverse Osmosis System

Fileder Water Filter PTL Spectrum Reverse Osmosis System
Fileder Water Filter PTL Spectrum Reverse Osmosis SystemFileder Water Filter PTL Spectrum Reverse Osmosis System

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Reservoir system for totally clean water

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The SPECTRUM Twist-Lock POU RO System has been created to fit elegantly into any domestic or commercial application.

  • Stylish point-of-use RO system
  • Simple ‘twist-lock’ cartridge change
  • 120 lpd of RO water produced at 97% rejection
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suited for domestic drinking and low-flow commercial applications

In our view, the Fileder Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is the best, yet inexpensive way of ensuring darkroom water supply is completely free from ALL impurities.

It uses three individual filters that are permanently in-line. Filter 1 removes particles like sediments from pipes or rust. The second filter uses activated carbon to remove organics like bacteria (a real problem with water jackets). The clever bit happens in the third filter. By using reverse osmosis, it effectively lets the water through but rejects salts like chalk and magnesium. On completion of the filtering process, you then store the pure water in a 10-litre tank under the sink, which keeps the pressure up - and forever ready for use.

The Fileder system is straightforward to incorporate into an existing darkroom cold water supply. We installed the complete system in about an hour - we did, however, use a plumber who charged about £60. If you have got the time - the kit includes all the fittings and taps needed.

We particularly liked this system because an in-line filter you can mostly install it and then forget it. A flow meter tells you when to change the filters. Replacement filters 1 and two should be replaced every six months and cost £15 and £21 respectively. The third filter costs £77, and you should replace it every two years. It’s a great feeling to know that your water for darkroom use is 100% pure.


Manufacturer’s Description

The stylish design of the SPECTRUM Twist-Lock RO system has been created to fit elegantly into any domestic or commercial application.
Available as a complete system, with tank, tap, tubing, etc. or as a three stage stand-alone RO solution, the Twist-Lock system from the SPECTRUM filtration range provides a practical and flexible RO filtration solution. Capable of removing up to 97% of most contaminants, this three stage Twist-Lock RO system utilizes two high capacity carbon block cartridges and a highpurity RO membrane cartridge to produce 75 lpd of pure water.
The system also utilizes the same quick and convenient connections as SPECTRUM Twist-Lock single and double head POU cartridges which means this system requires no tools for filter change outs, making it one of the most practical and user friendly RO systems available.
The ten litre tank, available with the complete system, provides a constant reserve of on-demand RO pure water. Economical and easy-to-use these two units are wall mountable for convenience and represent an ideal space
saving solution.

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