Cokin Z121M Gradual Grey, Medium, ND4

Cokin Z121M Gradual Grey, Medium, ND4

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Reduces brightness of sky ND4, medium gradation

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up down
* neutral optical density 0.6 (upper part), factor 4,
* expo compensated for around 2 stops
* on the upper part, long transition, the usual choice for slide.

The neutral density gradual filter lets you bring the difference in contrast down to the limit of tonalities that film or sensor can record. When the accuracy of the exposure with 12-bit digital SLR cameras is
as essential as with slide film, one immediately grasps the importance of these filters from the time of the shooting.

The remarkable efficiency of these filters is accompanied by the reliability of optical performance as well as the absolute neutrality of the chromatic balance of the image. When well-handled, this type of filtering is undetectable to the untrained eye.

If their best-known use is in controlling the brightness of skies, these filters find their justification each time that the light level of one part of the image surpasses the range of tints reproducible by the recording medium: a partially lit street or a ray of light piercing the undergrowth, for example.
Even a grey sky can benefit from the action of a neutral density gradual filter!
These filters can also favour the effect of blurred movement in one part of the image, alike uniform neutral density filters.

This is the full range of Cokin Graduated filters

120, 121 ?Gray
122, 123 ?Blue
124, 125 ?Tobacco
126, 127 ?Mauve
128, 129 ?Pink ?
130, 131 Emerald ?
132, 133 ?Yellow

The need for the Cokin Graduated filters, specially designed for colour, arose from the advances in colour photography. These filters are made in a wide range of compound colours that blend harmoniously into the image; they permit selective colour enhancement or modification without changing the subject.

Use the Cokin Graduated filters to reduce the excessive brightness range that frequently arises in two parts of the picture, for instance the difference in light between the foreground and the sky in a landscape shot. Colour film, especially slide film, has a very limited capacity to cope with this brightness range. With the Graduated filters, you can achieve a more natural rendering of such subjects.

Apart from their more technical application, the graduated filters are capable of an infinite number of effects. You're limited only by your imagination. The Graduated filters, like the Cokin Polarizer, should be part of the basic equipment of any photographer who aims for high image quality.

Principle of the Cokin Graduated filters
The dense area covers less than half of the filter but can be adjusted vertically and by rotation. In fact, there is no need to split the image into precisely equal parts.
The Cokin Graduated filters permit infinitely variable renderings depending on the distance of the filter from the lens, the position of the filter in the holder and the density of the graduated filter used.
The effect of a graduated filter is very pronounced when the shot is taken with a super wide-angle lens at a small aperture, The short focal length and large depth of field combine to make the transition to colour clear and distinct, Conversely, the effect will be subdued and the transition to colour will be subtle ?when the shot is taken with a telephoto lens at a large aperture.

Contrast control
With the Graduated filters, you can reduce the brightness range of an excessively contrast image. By subduing bright areas (sky, water, snow, sand), the filters bring the contrasting light within a range that colour film emulsions can handle.
This is particularly important with super-wide angle lenses of 17 to 24 mm which cover not only views of great breadth but also of considerable brightness.
Consider a landscape which, because of the difference in brightness between sky and foreground, makes the sky overexposed, and appears colourless and uninteresting,

A Cokin Graduated grey filter reduces this difference by bringing out the clouds. A Graduated Blue restores the sky to its natural colour, even if it is overcast or if you shoot against the light. Indoors or in town the graduated filters can reduce the intensity of light sources in the picture. They reduce flare and ghost images in the lens and improve subject contrast. Have you noticed that with a flash the foreground is often overexposed? A Graduated grey filter (or two such filters combined) can restore the balance between the main subject and the foreground/background.

Cokin Graduated filters can be combined with each other, either in similar positions or with the densities opposed, to selectively colour certain portions of the subject. The pink or tobacco filters, for instance, can enhance sunset effects,

Helpful hints:
Carefully adjust the height of the filter in the holder and check the result in the view- finder, stopping down the lens to check depth of field. Check also for vignetting when using the A Series filters with certain ultra-wide-angle lenses. Cokin Graduated Filters can be used in combination with virtually all filters of the Cokin system. Graduated filters can even be combined with each other if the effect of one filter is not enough.
A typical graduated filter is longer than it is wide. This is to allow you to position the transition line between the filtered and non-filtered portions at almost any point in the image.
Use more than one Grad if you have too but as a tip when using colour-print film and using filters to apply special colours to your images, notify your lab. Most use computerized printers today and these will try to colour-correct to operator input standards, thus possibly removing what you have added.
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Product Features
  • Filter Colour: Grey
  • Filter Size: Z size (100mm)
  • Filter Type: Graduated, Neutral Density
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