Rockland AG-Plus Extra Sensitivity Emulsion, 240ml

Rockland AG-Plus Extra Sensitivity Emulsion, 240ml

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Replenishment coating emulsion for the Tintype Kit

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Ag-Plus is a black & white photographic emulsion that has extra silver-halide content for higher speed and contrast making it especially fit for use in-camera, as for tintypes or ambrotypes, or for making oversize prints at a considerable distance from the enlarger. It works on anything but is optimised for non-porous surfaces like metal, glass and ceramic. Processing and final appearance of prints made with Ag-Plus are the same as Liquid Light.

It features:

* Safe to use: Rockland emulsions are non-flammable and odourless with no phenol or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and are completely safe for use in darkrooms.
* Long Shelf Life: They stay fog-free for years. To assure reliability, the shelf life is stamped on the package.
* Darkroom Sensitivity: They are fast enough for big enlargements but not over-sensitive to safelight exposure during coating and drying. Nothing has to be added before use.
* Controllable Contrast: Contrast is medium high-- about the equivalent a #3 paper. Lower contrast can be obtained by using a soft-acting developer.
* Coverage: High silver content allows one ounce of the emulsion to cover one and a half square feet. Example: 8 ounces (half-pint) sensitises up to 12 square feet.
* Non-Yellowing: They leave definite highlights with no discolouration.
* Optical Brighteners: They contain optical brighteners to give extra snap to highlights.
* Permanence: Prints made with Liquid Light and Ag-Plus emulsion are truly archival due to the colloidal silver image, and will not fade if correctly processed.

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