Tetenal Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative Kit, 1 litre

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Tetenal Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative Kit, 1 litre

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Tetenal's C-41 kits are perfectly attuned to the requirements of modern rotary and roll film development.
Based on a very fast 2-bath process (plus a final stabilizing bath), they have been designed specifically to meet the needs of customers who need processing speed combined with reliability. If you do your own C41 processing you'll love this range with its high yields, particularly easy handling, maximum processing and process reliability as well as high ecological standards.

There are two products to suit most requirements.

The 1 litre liquid kit has a capacity of between eight and twelve 135-36 films depending on tank and re-use. The larger 5 litre liquid kit is an economical alternative to its one litre sister product as its high yield is enables 60-80 films to be processed.

We recommend Tetenal C41 for use with Jobo CPE-2 processors. Buy a processor and we'll include a pack of 5 litres free for you to try (worth 45).
Simon said...
"Far Far easier to develop with these chemicals than you think. Straight forward to make up. It was my first time developing film and had no problems what so ever. Easy to get chemicals to 38 degrees to develop. Instructions only for rotary development but I inverted for first 30 secs then every 30 secs for 15 secs there after for Developer and bleach and then rinsed with water for time given in instructions then put in stabilizer and inverted for 30 secs then every 30 secs for 15 secs. Very straight forward"
Star Rating 5
Tony Poole said...
"Having been really nervous about developing my colour films myself, I thought I'd give this tetenal kit a go. I'm so glad I did, it gives great results and is really easy to use, I'm the kind of film developer that's, shall we say, a little lazy, and I do cut corners, although it specifies that the temperature is critical to developing colour film I've managed to produce great results by being vaguely close to temp! I wouldn't recommend using it straight from bottle on cold winter days but using it at room temp still gives amazing results. If you are anyway nervous about developing your own colour film, the is definitely the kit to try!"
Star Rating 5

2 baths, liquid, develops 8-12 films

Price: £16.59

Star Rating 5

UK delivery available from £7.99

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