Kaiser Table-Top-Studio 5994

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Kaiser Table-Top-Studio 5994

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If you re the owner of a digital camera and would like to take product shots with a uniform appearance for the Internet, an auction, or a catalogue then a table top studio is a good investment.

The Kaiser model, Table-Top Studio Plus is sturdy unit designed to offer shadow free photography by means of angled table top, twin flexible daylight fluorescent lamps and adjustable camera mounting arm.

Designed to photograph items of up to 30 cm. (12 inches) in height, the shots are then presented uniformly and effectively. Because the baseboard on the Kaiser unit is 20 x 19 inches it is well suited for wide products. The angled, swept up back to the table allows you to produce sharp photos with a regular background in front of which your items are displayed. Also, when using the unit, because it is made of translucent Perspex, you can illuminate from below by using a lightbox.

This further reduces unwanted shadows. Interchangeable paper backgrounds (not included) and are easily affixed. Two 11w 6000k daylight fluorescent lamps (illuminating an area of 30 square centimetres) and camera supports are attached by means of moveable/folding joints in both cases.

Of course, a camcorder or conventional camera can also be used in place of a digital camera on the camera support. This model is well made and when heavier digital cameras are used it will support cameras up to 600 grams, with a flexible camera mounting arm clamping on to any table up to 1.2 inch thick!

Using a table top studio can turn out professional quality product photos with no shadows and the ability to photograph flat or three-dimensional objects from any angle, vertical or horizontal..
Complete desktop studio consisting of Small Product Table 5931 and lighting unit 5464. Product table with white transparent concave shaped acrylic background. Required desk space approx. 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 in.). RB 218N High-Frequency Daylight Lighting Unit consists of two small softlights for even and smooth illumination. Lamps: 2 compact fluorescent lamps, 18 W each, 5400 Kelvin, CRI= 90 - 100. Interior reflectors for high light output. Mains lead with cord switch. Holding rods with multiple orientation possibilities, screw-on clamps for attachment. (Replacement lamp 5458)

Available versions:

5993 Table-Top-Studio digital SN-HF
Small Product Table with lighting unit

5994 Table-Top-Studio digital SN-HF plus
Same as 5993, but with camera clamp, comprising a 55 cm (21.7 in.) swan-neck arm for cameras up to 600 g (21 oz.), ball head with 30 mm (1.2 in.) base and 1/4 inch camera thread plus universal desk clamp for boards up to 30 mm (1.2 in) thick or tubes up to 55 mm (2.2 in.) diameter.

Complete digital table and daylight lamp studio

Price: £789.99

UK delivery available from £7.99

Delivery: 5 days

Product: 91100