Interfit INT 182 EX150 MKii Studio Kit

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Interfit INT 182 EX150 MKii  Studio Kit
Interfit INT 182 EX150 MKii  Studio Kit
Interfit INT 182 EX150 MKii  Studio KitInterfit INT 182 EX150 MKii  Studio Kit

Interfit's EX150 MKII studio flash outfit has won its third award since its arrival earlier this year.

Having already won Best Buy in the USA's Largest Photographic Magazine with an Editors choice (with only 10 products receiving this award each year), our top-selling outfit has now won the Digital Photo Magazine's Gold Award.

Digital Photo Magazine said in their December 2008 review, 'For those seeking an affordable studio flash kit, the Interfit EX150 is a brilliant solution'. We feel exactly the same about this outfit, which coincidently is our cheapest lighting kit.

The Interfit EX150 MKII has been built from the ground up combining many of the features of the original EX150 introduced in 2005. With 150 watt/second output the new MKII EX150 has more power then its predecessor and a newly designed polycarbonate body. Easy access to the controls ensures you can set just the right amount of light on your subject.

Each head features user-changeable flash tubes, switchable modelling lamps and built-in infrared sensor which aid ease of use.

For students of photography the EX150 kit also includes a specially commissioned educational and training DVD, worth £10, to show just how easy studio lighting can be for first time users. It is packed with useful tips on how to set up the kits ensuring you can expand your creativity.

The 2 head kit has the ingredients of a full studio.

The kit contains:

2 x EX150 MKII heads (GN 30)
2 x COR750 stands
2 x Lamps (NEW INT038 100watt)
1 x Translucent Umbrella
1 x 60cm (24 inch) Softbox
2 x Sync Leads
2 x Power Leads
1 x Educational DVD

Although the EX150 (and EX200 models) are not compatible with all the other Interfit S Type accessories you can buy a full range of accessories that include:
Barndoor set £40
Softbox 20 x 24 inches £54
Snoot £32

There are also two new accessories, especially for the EX150 that we are currently offering. These are RF4999 Beauty Dish for special catchlight effects in the eyes and INT311 Honeycomb for Beauty Dish that allows a lesser amount of light to pass through, giving less contrast to images.

Fuse rating 6.3 amps
Bayonet fitting 'EX' Type enables all the current EX fittings accessories to be used
Output range Full Power down to 1/1/8th power. Guide no 32m (96 inches) at iso 100
Modelling Lamp 100 Watt
Colour Temperature 5600 K +/- 300k
Recycle time 2 sec
Flash triggering Sync cable, IR-trigger, flash or test button.
Sync voltage 5 volts Suitable for all digital cameras
Slave cell distance >10 mtrs (30')
User Changeable Flash tubes Yes
Working Voltage EUR 230V/50Hz USA 110V/ 60Hz

2x heads (user changeable flash tubes), stands, brolly, softbox, training DVD

Price: £199.99

RRP: £309.99

UK delivery available from £7.99

Delivery: Call Us

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