PEC Film Cleaner Spray, 12 Photographic, 4 oz spray

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PEC Film Cleaner Spray, 12 Photographic, 4 oz spray

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Since 1983, PEC-12, Photographic Emulsion Cleaner has been trusted by the world's most prestigious photographers, labs, museums and publishers.

Not only does PEC-12 routinely save many of their most valuable images, but it is the ONLY archival cleaner available.

What good is cleaning an image today, only to have the emulsion slowly deteriorate over time? PEC-12 is a non-water based film and print cleaner which removes virtually all non-water based stains from color and B&W slides, negatives and prints.

PEC-12 removes grease pencil, adhesive residue, finger oils, ball-point pen, fungus, smoke & soot damage, laser separation oil and most permanent inks. Containing no water, PEC-12 dries instantly with no emulsion swelling and leaves no residue.

WARNING: Do not use to clean digital camera sensors!

Cleans your film of grease, pencil, ball-point pen & mildew marks

Price: £15.49

UK delivery available from £7.99

Delivery: 1-3 Days

Product: 64002