Paterson Universal 35mm Starter Kit

Paterson Universal 35mm Starter Kit
Paterson Universal 35mm Starter KitPaterson Universal 35mm Starter KitPaterson Universal 35mm Starter Kit

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B&W, uses filters, includes ?80 processing equipment

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We recommend the Paterson Universal Enlarger Starter Kit for absolute beginners to darkroom photography. The kit contains all the essential equipment for processing both black and white film and photographic paper.

At the heart of the kit is the Paterson Universal Enlarger. It accepts 35mm and 6x6cm negatives and is supplied (ready to go) with both 35mm & 6x6 glassless masks. Capable of enlarging up to 12 x 16 inch on the baseboard, the head can also be rotated through 90? for wall projection (and the production of larger prints or liquid emulsion shots). Equally, you can rotate the column for floor projection too.

It is supplied without a lens but it suggested that it is bought with either our own 50mm lens for 35mm work, or if you want to work in medium format, the 75mm version.


Negative format: 35mm. or 6 x 6cm
Negative carrier specifications: Metal
Negative carrier: Glassless.
Lens Mount: Removable 39mm. Other sizes available.
Head movement: 90 degrees for wall projection
Distortion control (Sheimpflug): Lens Board double axis fully graduated, and head swing.
Elevation control: Gear control.
Focus control: Rail friction drive.
The width of each baseboard of the enlarger is 40cm and the depth is 49cm.
Maximum head clearance: 111cm.
Maximum enlargement 35neg/50lens or 6x6cm/75lens 30x40cm (16x12inch).
Lamp: 75 Watt Lamp P33ES
Power supply: Line voltage 220-240 Volt
Filtration: Filter draw
Illumination: Double concave condenser.
Mixing chambers available: 35mm and 6 x 6cm

The accessory contents includes:
* Universal Developing Tank and Spiral;
*set of three 8 x 10 trays;
* Paterson safelight;
* 3 measuring cylinders;
* Chemical Mixer;
* thermometer;
* Print tongs;
* Pair of film clips and a
* Paterson Film Squeegee

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