NanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43 Four Head Kit

NanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43 Four Head Kit
NanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43 Four Head KitNanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43 Four Head KitNanGuang LED Pad Light Luxpad43 Four Head Kit

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Comprehensive and balanced lighting set with accessories for Video and Digital photography

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"The NanGuang Luxpad 43 LED Photo / Video Lighting Kit is a a contemporary lighting solution that combines both LED panels and Fresnel lights with all the accessories you need for perfect video and digital studio photography.

This four head kit gives you so many options and practically dispense with the need to ever buy replacement bulbs.

The main studio lights in the kit are super -thin, Luxpad 43 LED panels, that have stepless, switchable dials for colour temperature control and give soft, diffused lighting They are 12v mains powered but can be battery driven too simply by adding ""Sony-Type"" digital camera batteries (included).

The two complimentary lamps are Fresnel CN-20FC lamps that give flood lighting and can also be switched between Tungsten or Daylight settings and even include a spotlight control between 15 and 55 degrees (for less or greater distance). If preferred, they can be mounted onto a camera.

Also included in the kit is four model L170 lighting stands and 2 hand grips to take the Luxpad 43s off stand. The complete kit including stands and accessories is supplied in a single custom fitted case - great for classroom storage.

These LED panels are safe for the eyes and great for children learning photography. We really think they're great for news-type video work or still life too.

Kit includes:

2 x Luxpad 43 Heads
2 x CN20FC Heads
4 x L170 Light Stands
2 x Hand Grips Luxpad 43
4 x NP-F750 Batteries for Luxpad 43
2 x NP-F750 Batteries for CN-20FC
2 x Battery Chargers for Luxpad 43
1 x Battery Charger for CN-20FC
2 x 240 V AC Adaptors Luxpad 43

Manufacturer’s Description
Number of LEDs Luxpad 43 - 256; CN20FC -2
Average LED Life (both models) 50,000 hours
Power source Luxpad 43 240V A/C Adaptor (included with Kit ) or 2 x Sony Re-chargeable NP-F750
Batteries Batteries and charger included with Kit
Power source CN-20FC 240V /AC Adaptor (included with kit) or 1 x Sony Re ? chargeable NP-F750
Battery Power Indicator Built in with Luxpad 43 and CN-20FC
Power Luxpad 43 25.6 Watts : CN-20FC 20 Watts. Both with stepless dimming
Illumination Luxpad 43 1412 LM : CN-20FC 542LM
Colour Temperature (both models) 5600 ? 3200K with stepless controls
L170 Stands Aluminium / Steel construction, 3 Sections, Max. Height 170cm, Min Height 73cm, Maximum load 5 kg.
Kit dimensions 44 x 71 x 24cm
Kit Weight 12Kg
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Product Features
  • Light Temperature: Fluorescent, Tungsten
  • Light Type: Kit
  • Other Accessories: Bags
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