LPL 6600 Black and White Double Condenser Enlarger

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LPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser Enlarger
LPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser EnlargerLPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser EnlargerLPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser EnlargerLPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser EnlargerLPL 6600 Black and White Triple Condenser Enlarger

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B&W, to 6 x 7cm.  £120 of free goods with every one

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The LPL 6600 is our most reliable condenser enlarger -  For £500, you cannot buy a better enlarger but currently we're including a further £120 of free goods with every one that's purchased including 50mm enlarging lens, 100 sheets of Kentmere VC Select 8x10 paper and a custom made dust cover for when it's not in use.

    * Vibration free performance
    * Exclusive press to lift, release to lock elevation control
    * Oversized focusing knob for effortless, precise adjustment
    * Extra large baseboard fully laminated in photo grey for easy focusing off the easel
    * Format Size 35mm up to 6x6cm
    * Baseboard dimensions 45 x 45 cm (1(1x18 inches)
    * Column height 92 cm (36.5 inches)
    * Height 108 cm (42.5 inches) lamphouse fully raised
    * Light source 75W Opal lamp
    * Power source Line voltage Electrical input 220V
    * Illumination Double condenser
    * Filtration Filter drawer for 3x3inch colour correction or variable contrast filters
    * Baseboard magnification 12x (35mm negative 50mm lens)
    * Lens mount 39mm Leiea thread
    * Elevation control Counterbalanced chassis, press to lift control
    * Focus control Double rail friction drive
    * Weight Approximately 10 kg (22 lbs)

LPL's BW6600 enlarger appeals to those who know that condenser enlargers print higher quality images than diffuser types (multigrade versions).

So if quality is your ultimate goal, this affordable black and white enlarger could be the choice for you.

It features an all-glass double condenser illumination system that creates sparkling prints. Its 75W lamp provides ample light, while its heat absorbing glass prevents "negative popping"

It comes complete with a red under lens safety filter and is extremely well-specified.


Manufacturer's Description

Our top of the line condenser enlarger features the same heavy duty construction as its dichroic cousins but with a doble condenser lamphouse that ensures uniform, corner to corner illumination every time.

Unlike other condenser enlargers, the LPL 6600 features a filter drawer above the optical path, avoiding the possibility of image distortion due to warped or flawed colour correction filters. Its lever operated pressure plate keeps even damaged negatives flat in the carrier, further minimising the risk of a less than perfect print.

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