Jobo CPE-3 Film & Print Processor c/w lift, 4059

Jobo CPE-3 Film & Print Processor c/w lift, 4059
Jobo CPE-3 Film & Print Processor c/w lift, 4059Jobo CPE-3 Film & Print Processor c/w lift, 4059

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Motor driven processor with lift for 135, 120, up to 4x5 films in Jobo tanks.

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* For all colour and black and white film 35mm, 120 medium format, up to 4x5 sheet film
* Semi-automates processing for daylight operation
* Automatic agitation
* Automatic temperature control
* One shot developing
* Compatible with all Jobo tanks in the1500 and 2500 series

The Jobo CPE-3 is a reliable and simple way to process your film and is the newest introduction to Jobo's processor range started with the CPP-3.

With it, any analogue photographer can now process their own colour (or black and white) film at home and get professional results. It was specifically developed to fit a smaller space at home and be much cheaper than the original CPP-3. No plumbing is needed to use this processor either.

The new Jobo CPE-3 Processor is also a motor-driven processor for all films from 35mm, 120 medium format, up to 4x5 sheet film using Jobo tanks, but differs essentially to the big brother by not being programmable or having the ability to take Expert tanks.

All other features are similar. You attach your Jobo tank to the processor with a secure magnet and it then automatically rotates in both directions for optimum accuracy and even developing. The other part of the processor includes a heating bath that enables precision processing for types of 35 mm film roll and sheet film, as well as sheet film up to 4x5 inches.

The thermostatically controlled water jacket lets you set temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees Centigrade. A red indicator light advises you when the heater is working. All graduates and bottles, lock into place and are kept from floating thus providing an even water level and optimum tempering.
Included with the package is the Jobo 4062 Lift which makes the removing of the tank for emptying and refilling redundant and keeps your hands dry. You simply attach your Jobo tanks using a cog (included) instead of the original magnet.When buying this package you save ?30 on the component parts.

Supplied Accessories
1 x 1504 Magnet
1 x 1520 Multi developing Tank
4- bottles 600ml
4- graduates 250ml

Film Capacity
5 - 35mm o 36 exposure
6 - 120 films
12 - 4x5 sheet films

H 25.5 cm x W 65.5 cm x D 30 cm
Weight:3 kg
Voltage/capacity: 2300V/440W

Manufacturer’s Description
Jobo: more than 90 years of photo experience!

With the  JOBO Color Processor CPE-3, the analogue photographer can now process his colour film at home in best quality. The CPE-3 was developed to fit a smaller space and a lower budget than the CPP-3. Nevertheless, the CPE-3 can cover every process in perfect quality for film size up to 4x5 inches: C-41, E-6, RA-4 - and of course you can also develop your black and white film and prints at absolute ease with the CPE-3.

Accurate Temperature Control
The chemicals and film or print are all kept at the same controlled temperature in a thermostatically controlled water jacket. You can set the temperature continuously between 20° and 40°. A red indicator light signals when the heater is in operation. All graduates and bottles lock into place to avoid floating thus providing an even water level and optimum tempering.
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