Holga 120N Medium Format Camera Black

Holga 120N Medium Format Camera Black

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The most simple and basic model in Holga 120 series

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This Holga 120N comes from the newly formed Sunrise Holga company. The new 120N is only available in a black colour.

It is the most simple and basic model in Holga 120 series. It has a plastic lens and can accommodate all 120 format film. It doesn't have a flash, but it has a hot shoe with sync so that you can use any electronic external flash on it. It also has a (bulb) 0Nshutter B and you can use it when you need an extended time exposure photo.

By using a 120 roll film, you'll get 16 - 6cm x 4.5cm frames per roll. We recommend it as being perfect for classroom use, personal image-making and fine art photos. No batteries are required.

It comes with two different film size masks (6 x 6 and 6.4 x 5) so that it can take both traditional and square format pictures. You also get four choices of object distances, and two options of aperture are available: f/11 & f/8. The multiple exposure setting is achieved by not advancing the film after a frame has been exposed.

To enhance your experience don't forget the Holga Flash or the Double Filter System Set for the ultimate in creative picture taking.

You can also get the Holga 'bible' called Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity by Michelle Bates for half price £9.50 when buying this camera.

* Optical Lens 60mm
* Leaf Shutter, 1/100sec
* Eye level direct view finder
* Multiple exposure possible
* Focusing Adjustable
* Hot shoe for flash
* Film to be used: 120 mm colour or black/white ISO 100 or ISO 400
* Weight: 200g

Manufacturer's description

* Lens Type: Plastic f/8 60mm
* Focus Mode: Adjustable / Zone Focus (Portrait/Small Group/Big Group/Infinity)
* Flash: Built-In Color Splash
* Native Film Format: 120 Medium Format
* Aperture Settings: f/11 (Sunny) or f/8 (Cloudy)
* Viewfinder: Eye Level Direct
* Tripod Mount: Yes
* Bulb (Long) Exposure: Yes
* Power: 2 x AA Batteries required
* Dimensions: 140x102x76mm
* Weight: 200g
* Accessories Included: 1 Take Up Spool, 2 Film Frame Masks (6x6cm and 6x4.5cm) and 1 Strap
* Shots/Roll: 12 (Using 6x6cm mask) or 16 (Using 6x4.5cm mask)
* Recommended Film: ASA100 (Sunny) or ASA400 (Cloudy/Indoors)
* Shutter: Leaf, 1/100s

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