Gossen SIXTOMAT F2 Lightmeter

Gossen SIXTOMAT F2 Lightmeter
Gossen SIXTOMAT F2 LightmeterGossen SIXTOMAT F2 Lightmeter

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For available light, flash, HDR & filmmakers

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* Measures incident light & reflected light
* Contrast measurement
* Flash (cord / non-cord)
* Indication of ambient light share
* Multiple flash
* f/1 to f/90 apertures
* 1/8000 second to 60 minutes exposure times
* ISO 3 - 8000
* Programmable exposure correction (+/- 7.9 EV)
* CINE values 8 - 64 (including 25 & 30)

Compact lightmeter for all situations

Gossen's Sixtomat F2 lightmeter is a compact, reliable and accurate tool for all photographic and cinematic situations.

Many photographers value the ability to take incident light readings of their subjects, rather than relying purely on the reflected light readings of their camera's in-built light meters. The Sixtomat F2 offers this ability, plus corded and uncorded flash readings.

We particularly rate the extreme flexibility of this flashmeter; offering near theoretical settings, such as f/1 through to f/90, incredibly low light sensitivity values (ISO 3) and very large exposure compensation values (up to practially 8 stops).

Natural light photographers will appreciate that the contrast range is displayed at the f/stop scale - whilst flash photographers will benefit from being displayed the mix of ambient light and strobe light.

Please read the PDF file above, which is a combination of Gossen's product brochure for the Sixtomat F2, plus an explanation of the measurement methods employed by light meters (incident, reflected, spot, flash), as well as a useful explanation on the available dynamic range of different recording / output media (digital cameras, film and printers).

Highly recommended *****

1 x 1.5 V AA-type, battery condition indication

Case, neck strap, battery and operating instructions

65 x 118 x 19 mm

95 g (without battery)
Manufacturer's Description
The new SIXTOMAT F2 is an inexpensive tool for demanding amateurs with their own studio flash units and strobists, as well as available light and HDR photographers.

The included technology and features are of professional quality, and operation is clear-cut and simple. The SIXTOMAT F2 offers flexible incident and reflected light measurement with either aperture or shutter priority pre-selection, exposure value display, extremely long exposure times of up to 60 minutes and contrast range display in ? f-stops on the additional, analog f-stop scale.

In the case of flash measurement with or without synchronizing cable, the f-stop for prevailing ambient light is also displayed there next to the recommended f-stop. In this way, precise flash illumination and the degree of brightening or the dominance of the flash can be ascertained, and foreseeable, reproducible results can be obtained.

Any desired radio transmitter can be connected to the synchronizing socket, which triggers the individual flashes when the measurement key is pressed. Depending on the selected setting, display of exposure values appears in full, 1/2 or 1/3 stop increments.
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